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Everything you need to know about your wedding hair trial

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Not sure when you to book in for your bridal trial?

Is it best to book your trial before your secure your booking with your wedding hairstylist?

What to do if you aren’t happy with your trial?

What should you bring to your hair trial?

How to prepare your hair for your bridal hairstyle trial?

If your soul wants the answers to these questions, then you are in the right place.

Tip #1 - When to book in for your bridal trial

We recommend having your bridal trial 4 months out from your wedding date

WHY? Well, because by 4 months from the wedding you have confirmed a few important details:

👉🏼 Ordered your wedding dress

👉🏼 Organised your veil and hairpieces AND you’ve

👉🏼 Probably changed your mind a couple-of-million-times and have now successfully narrowed it down to a particular style

🚨 WHY is this important? 🚨

Well, because your dress style and wedding theme can kinda determine the hairstyle choices, veil and hairpieces 🤗

Tip #2 - Booking your trial before or after securing your booking

It is not often that we have a bride requesting to have their bridal trial prior to booking, and we put this down to our social media presence and the fact our brand embodies romantic hair upstyles.

🚨 We highly recommend that when you are searching for your wedding hairdresser, that you 100% look through avenue available 🚨

We also recommend having your trial closer to the wedding day, which ultimately does mean that you are more than likely to secure your stylist by paying a deposit prior to having your trial - which I know, can be super daunting.

This is why you really need to dive deep into the world of the stylist you’re booking with, because you want to vibe with your bridal hairstylist, their personality and their style.

Once your eye catches their style, you’ll know if they’ll be able to achieve the look you desire just based on their past brides and their portfolio.

Tip #3 - What to do if you didn't love your hair trial

There is always going to be that anxiety around your bridal trial with your wedding hairstylist….

Trust me, we all dream of the bridal trial that exceeds your imagination and expectation, leaving your eyes welling up because it’s all.coming.together.perfectly.

🚨 But what if you don’t love your hairstyle? 🚨

What if the hairstyle you’ve searched high and low for, you’ve finally narrowed it down and it’s just not how you imagined?

If this is something you have experienced, please, please, please reach out to your hairstylist and explain your concerns, your worries, and your desires.

We highly recommend that you specifically break down what it is you love and what it is you aren’t loving.

Often when there is a communication breakdown during the consultation, it can be (at times) easier to explain what your “definite no’s” are.

I can promise you that your stylist would much rather you speak up about your thoughts, so she (or he) has the opportunity to work with you, to create the style the swells your heart with excitement.

Tip #4 - Trial Preparation

Finally, lets do the thing, lets talk about what to bring to your trial and how to prepare your hair for your appointment:

You’ll want to bring along:

👉🏼 your hair inspo pics

👉🏼 your wedding dress images

👉🏼 your hairpieces

👉🏼 your veil

Most importantly, your hair:

👉🏼 wash the morning before your trial appointment

👉🏼 leave to dry naturally (or blowdry smooth) using only heat protectants.

Want to know about busting those myths about styling oily/dirty hair for your wedding day?

We're always hanging out at IG - so please feel welcome to DM us, we'd love to hear from you,

Love and Light,

Kailah x

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