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2 ways to wear your bridal veil with your bridal bun

YAYY. You’ve decided on your wedding dress, your shoes, your jewelry, your makeup, your hairstyle and your veil is expected to arrive the week before your bridal hair trial.

… but all of sudden, as your trial gets closer, you’re casually freaking out about where your veil should sit?

Should it sit above the bridal bun or below the bridal bun?

Will everyone see the detail in the bridal bun if it’s covered with a veil?

There’s possibly just a few thoughts swarming your mind during your wedding planning process and to some of our brides, this is a pretty major question because often, it determines or eliminates their choice of hairstyle for their wedding day.

Let me start out by recommending that it is always **important** to bring along your veil to your hair trial appointment so that your hairstylist is able to discuss this with you the veil placement during your consultation, ensuring that the veil sits perfectly within your bridal bun.

So let’s expand on the pros and cons of the bridal bun and your veil placement for a hot 5-minutes.


ONE: Bridal Bun and a higher veil placement

This is the most traditional veil placement for bridal buns and illuminates the bridal romance of your entire bridal look.

The Pros:

👉🏼 It suits the classic and traditional bride perfectly

👉🏼 The veil secures effortlessly into the bridal bun, offering support for the longevity of your day

👉🏼 It can be the least complicated to remove the veil from the top of the bridal bun, causing the least damage to your hairstyle

👉🏼 Softer, finer, sheerer veils compliment this veil placement as the sheer fabric allows the details of the bridal bun to illuminate through

👉🏼 Works well with a traditional bridal bustier layer softly draped over your face

The Con’s:

❌ Hides and disguises the beautifully detailed bridal bun

❌ Thicker veil fabrics are incredibly dense, allowing minimal to no visual of your bridal bun


TWO: Bridal Bun and a lower veil placement

The on-trend veil placement for bridal buns because it radiates those effortless vibes with a dash of bridal romance for our beautiful brides.

The Pros:

👉🏼 It suits the romantic or boho bride perfectly

👉🏼 The veil doesn’t disguise or completely hide the beautifully detailed bridal bun

👉🏼 If applied thoughtfully, the veil can be easily removed from the bridal bun without causing disruption to the bridal hairstyle

👉🏼 Thicker, detailed, fuller veils compliment the lower placement of the bridal bun just as beautifully as would softer, finer, sheerer veils

The Cons:

❌ If secured ineffectively, the veil won’t be as secure for the longevity of the day or will cause damage to your bridal bun upon removal

❌ Applying the veil below the bridal bun complicates the bridal bustier layer sitting seamlessly with your bridal bun and draping effortlessly over your face

My intentions are to help you find clarity in your veil placement based on what feels good to you so that your wedding day vision comes to life.

Check out our IG for some inspiration to see how our past brides wore their veils on their beautiful wedding day.

Big love,

Kailah x

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