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Your [not so] little secret to understanding upstyle strategy so that you can create with confidence

Discover how to confidently break down your clients inspo pic, create insta-worthy upstyles, experiment with new styling techniques and how to work with different hair types and textures.

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Perfect for the aspiring hairstylist and makeup artist who wants to elevate and refine their upstyling expertise through simple techniques, upstyle strategy and product knowledge to create confidence

without the fear of failure

Because who doesn’t want to create insta-worthy upstyles that set their [and their client’s] soul on fire? 🔥 

It’s no secret that without experience or understanding upstyle strategy, trying to re-create your client’s inspo pic can be scary AF. You spend that entire hour stressing and second-guessing yourself in hope that something magical happens. 


But girl, what if I told you that it gets to be easy, and it can come naturally once you can intuitively understand how to break down your client’s inspo pic along with a few simple techniques that I am about to teach you, your opportunities are endless.


Result: Clients that will fangirl the F* out of your Insta content. 


After our 2 day Masterclass together, you will:

→ Create from a place of creative, intuitive flow, not overwhelm and stress

→ Shift your mindset and create with confidence & clarity

→ Create more opportunities and double your business sales by doubling your business offerings in the bridal and editorial industries

→ Expand your upstyling knowledge with simple and effective techniques

→ Become an industry leader, a Hair and Makeup inspiration or influencer - whichever tickles your brushes 

There’s only one problem: it’s almost impossible to nail your client’s inspo pic, just by watching a few Insta 3-minute tutorials.

This can totally become your reality, beautiful.

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Lucky for you, I've got EPIC news

Although it may seem that way right now, but after our 2-day masterclass together, you’ll feel confident AF working with all kinds of hair textures, products & techniques, you’ll understand how to break down an upstyle and you’ll forever be nailing EVERY inspo pic!


Let’s curl to the                     …

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The Elevate Online Masterclass is your pathway to creating pinterest-perfect usptyles that your clients will forever rave about

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🛑 It’s time to stop 🛑

❌ feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed when you see that inspo pic


❌ feeling disappointed and deflated by your usptyle results


❌ not knowing where to start or how to break your client’s inspo pic


This masterclass covers everything you need to know to create 4 seriously-trending, Pinterest-perfect Upstyles every.single.time. All in just 2 epic [half days] days together.


Your 2-day Online Masterclass includes:

🔥 4 EPIC and on-trend upstyles [via Zoom]

🔥 4 30min Live Q+A [via Zoom]

🔥 Simple techniques + Product Combos to boost your confidence

🔥 1 Pre-party Module [Foundations BONUS Module via FB]

🔥 2 After-party 15min Breakout Rooms for Networking with aspiring H+MUA’s

🔥 Exclusive access to your very own Facebook community of high-vibe stylists [the Hairstylist Academy Alumni students]

🔥 Unlimited access to the replay videos for when future YOU needs them

When you pay in full

🔥 Romantic Half Upstyle

🔥 Textured Knotted Low Bun

Plus 2 Epic Bonuses

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The Masterclass Outline

The Pre-Party

Back to basics + Foundations Module

[so that you arrive ready AF for the EPIC Masterclass Vibes]

→ the HA Methodology

→ the HA Upstyle Strategy

→ hair types & textures

→ products [with a minimalist approach]

→ tools [irons, wands & barrel sizes]

→ upstyle sectioning patterns [how to break down the inspo pic + where to start creating]

→ upstyle themes, textures + techniques

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For just $222 your dream of creating insta-worthy upstyles is just this masterclass away from becoming your reality! Create modern and seriously.on.trend upstyles that your clients will rave about

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Hey, I’m Kailah...

A hairdresser turned FIFO worker turned owner and bridal hairstylist at Elegant Edge, mum of 3 tiny humans, wife, collector of animals, indoor plant-obsessed, spiritually intuitive, crystal enthusiast and a manifesting generator - if you know, you know 😉


Over the past (almost) 9 years, I’ve been building Elegant Edge Hairstylists, a bridal hairstyling business known for its romantic hairstyles and down-to-earth belly laughs from the ground up.  Fast forward to now ⏩ and I have a team of seriously talented, booked out and adored bridal hairstylists and we attract only the highest of vibes brides who totally obsess over our expertise and our Elegant Edge Experience.


What a freakin’ journey.  Wanna know the best part though?  


My 8 [and a bit] years of bridal hairstyling propelled me to open up my Hairstylist Academy with a dream to inspire, educate and revolutionise the hair and makeup industry… and what a heart-warming whirlwind of momentum that's been with a recent launch of 15 beautiful students joining my Creating Consistent Curls Society in February 2022.


I truly [hand-on-heart] never expected to experience the heart-swelling, overwhelming admiration that I felt when I witnessed my students' hairstyling techniques, knowledge, results and confidence bloom beyond their wildest dreams.

You can have this too 💁🏼‍♀️

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Not sure if this is the right party, I mean, masterclass for you?


It's Ideal for you if you...

❌ Overcomplicate your upstyles

❌ Panic + meltdown mode sets in when you see your client's inspo pic

❌ Are disappointed and disheartened by your upstyle results

❌ Are constantly worried and anxious about re-creating your client’s inspo pic

❌ Are crushed by your client’s deflated response

❌ Feel like your upstyles are never quite good enough and you’re trapped in comparisonitis

❌ Feel like you’re on this journey alone, without support, guidance or encouragement

❌ Don’t know how to identify the upstyle themes and techniques 

❌ Don’t know what tools or products to use

❌ Don’t understand how hair types + textures affect your upstyles

❌ Don’t know how to break down or section your client’s inspo pic

❌ Don’t know where to start re-creating the upstyle

❌ Don’t know how to create volume and clean texture

❌ Don’t know how to successfully smooth out flyways for sleek face-framing upstyles

❌ Don’t know how to create definition, texture and hold in your ponytails

❌ Desperately want to re-create upstyles with confidence

Each masterclass is incredibly informative, SUPER detailed and suitable for all experience levels.  Elevate is designed to give you the foundations and knowledge you need to create your own Pinterest-worthy inspo, start offering hair and makeup packages or for you to build your own bridal empire.

If you’re *finally* ready to start nailing your hairstyling whilst feeling confident AF in the process, NOW’S THE TIME!

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Payment Options

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Plus 2 Epic 


🔥 Romantic Half Upstyle

🔥 Textured Knotted Low Bun



(Fortnight payment every 2 weeks)

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Have a little stalk to see what my beautiful students have to say 😉 

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